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Brainwave Science - Crime-fighting Technology for law enforcement

iCognative is a powerful and proven forensic technology that can permanently change the way crimes are investigated, for law enforcement agencies it forever changes how suspects are convicted or freed. iCognative is an innovative science that many law enforcement and intelligence agencies are seeking to add to their arsenal of investigative tools. It is developed and marketed by Brainwave Science, a highly reputable global company founded by entrepreneurial visionaries, neuroscientists as well as technical experts can help solve evils of crime in which often the most vulnerable individuals are treated as commodities. The advantages to iCognative are that it offers higher accuracy than other techniques, is highly applicable, is non-invasive and supports human rights.

iCognative Product suite has three products:

  1. Conceal Finder
    A conceal information finder system, scientifically detects whether a specific information is stored in the brain or not by measuring brainwaves. Brainwave Science has developed an P300 science-based testing system that determines with accuracy whether a specific information is stored in a person’s memory or not.
  2. Intention Finder
    Is an Intention Detection system, allows the decision-maker or an investigator, to make an informed decision whether a suspect has an intention stored in his/her brain to commit a specific crime in future or not scientifically.
  3. Witness Finder
    A Witness Finder System, allows the decision-maker or an investigator, to make an informed decision whether a suspect has Experienced Knowledge or Conceptual Knowledge related to a specific crime stored in his/her brain or not.

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